What is a #stofgevreet?

What started as a design idea for a t-shirt, has grown into a raging bull of likeminded individuals across the country who feel a connection with #stofgevreetâ„¢. It is now much more than just a t-shirt design, it is a mantra for those who get stof in their gevrete, and smile about it – because then you are really alive.

It is the soft stof of a clay pan sifting down on you mixed with petrol fumes that leaves streaks all over your face and body as the sweat under the hot, African sun, trickles down your gevreet.

It is the feeling of seeing your stofstreep trailing behind you as you drive down a desolate stofpad heading on your next adventure, or just breaking away from it all. It is the smell of stof that makes most people feel dirty, but it somehome cleanses your mind.

That is what #stofgevreet is all about.